The Skeleton in Our Closet- C1

In health class in middle school, they tell you about stigma towards mental disorders. You’d think that with all this education would make us more open to these illnesses, right? No. It all started when I was 15. I wasn’t a normal girl, and I had just gotten out of a major depression. I started […]

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Veneni (8)- The Triumphants

Amarette led us through the intricate city to a large, heavily decorated platform I can only assume is the town square. There was a crowd encircling the victim. When we pushed our way through, we saw a young fairy. The child looked to be the equivalent of a human ten year old. He looked lost […]

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The Book (7) – The Triumphants

Somehow, I managed to shove my way past the crowd of nervous spectators. This beautiful hummingbird led me to a short building made of bricks. There  was still a  crowd of spectators watching me as though if they broke their stare or silence, I would cast a spell on them. I quietly Entered the little […]

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WHat Happens When they Die

An overall belief  is that when anything dies, it is reincarnated, which is why everything in the Kingdom is not allowed to be touched. You have to treat those animals with respect. It is believed that sometimes there are souls that travel only between the  human-like species. It is also believed that whatever you’re reincarnated […]

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Confusion (6)- The triumphants

We headed back to the prairie from the castle. I looked down at my new friend who nudged my hand. His ice fur no longer burned me. It must have been self defense earlier. Suddenly, Amethyst broke the silence. “Violet you cannot return to earth. The humans will be looking for you and if they […]

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Notice To the Fans of the Book

I have managed to categorized my posts. If you look on my sidebar, you will see that there is Categories. I created one that is for the book named “the trimphants” and one for the background which I named Hilshenti which is falshq for history. Happy reading, Dragons!! P.S. There are now links at the […]

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Pc And Gaming like a pro

Veasna’s blog is well set- up. He has a very interesting blog. I know a bit about computers myself, but he very obviously knows quite a bit more. The way his blog is set up is very neat and organized. It is categorized by week and post. This makes reading his blog rather easy. Veasna […]

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The Adventures of a Hunter

Tucker writes about many animals on his blog.  So far, we’ve seen pheasant, geese, and deer. He describes the animal and their patterns in different weather. When he talks about pheasant, he talks about their coloration and says, “Males are much more brightly colored than females much like any other bird species,” (). This is important […]

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