Thuu’umki (for Orhlin)

Thuu was a lonely child. It was said he was abandoned when he was a young boy, but it is unknown, as the Umki planet was taken over by the veneni as the original source of operations. He was different than all of his peers. They were interested in learning farming, learning spell works and […]

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But Magic Comes From Within (10)

Weeks had gone by. Although I can recite every falshq word, I cannot for the life of me do the actual magic. I had spent countless hours with Asher, only to return to Thu’uumki as unsuccessful, once again. But on the 82nd day of wizard training, something snapped. “Asher, why are we even doing this? […]

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WHat Happens When they Die

An overall belief  is that when anything dies, it is reincarnated, which is why everything in the Kingdom is not allowed to be touched. You have to treat those animals with respect. It is believed that sometimes there are souls that travel only between the  human-like species. It is also believed that whatever you’re reincarnated […]

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About me

I won’t lie, this is a sad post. Most people who know me as a good friend know vaguely about a rough past and lots of issues. This is a true analysis based on how I know myself and the things going on back then. I’m sorry if I offend you, but I will not […]

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Welcome, fellow dragon!

I love fantasy. Fantasy anything and everything. I love DnD, LOTR, EQ (if you know what that is, props to you) and so much more. I love magic and if I lived in a fantasy world, a dragon and I would be best friends. You might not think this to be possible, but I am […]

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