Unnamed 3

It’s 9 o’clock pm. I spent probably about seven hours with Gretta and her boy toy. Most of it is a mudded blur of images, my head spinning with clips of my own life. All I could think about was the ballroom of lexindale’s mansion. I felt compelled to it. I FEEL compelled to it. I stumble to the front steps of the mansion, looking out to the dead bushes that surround it the steps. I see a stone with a handprint. It says, amor omnia vincit, et ti amo. It’s latin for “love conquers all, and I love you”. I wonder who made this for him, and why it is hiding in the dead bushes. I continue inside the luxurious front door of the mansion. This entryway is electric and novel, like a tourist’s first steps off the plane. There’s so much energy inside this small room. I close my eyes and feel my surroundings.

I feel a presence. A warm, welcoming presence. It feels as though master Lexindale himself is smiling upon me, welcoming me into his space. I smell warm vanilla and wax, probably vanilla candles. I turn to the hallway that leads towards the ballroom. I cannot feel any energy in that direction. It feels like a freshly built house, despite the evident age of the mansion itself. I walk towards the ballroom through elegantly carved arches. The golden hallways are numb to me, as though anticipating something horrid to happen.

I peak into the large ballroom. The chandelier that hangs in the center of the room is reflecting the miniscule light creeping in from the hallway. It winks at me with light. I clap twice, and the lights come on. I step into the room and am overwhelmed with this feeling of exuberance. A week of stress and chaos to end in a night of dancing. I turn on beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, connecting my phone to the aux chord hanging from a complex stereo system just outside the ballroom. Somehow, he had managed to make his audio system blend in with the decor of the ballroom. I step back in to the room, my feet guiding the rest of my body like wolves leading the pack to the highest peak at which to howl at the moon. My body flows to the simple piano that plays softly, elegantly.

Suddenly, the energy shifts. I am overwhelmed with this sense of fear and shock. I almost hear a scream, and my body tenses up. I collapse onto the floor, completely limp and unable to move my body. I panic. I try to scream but am unable to move my lips or let a sound escape them. As I’m lying there, I feel as though there’s something sinister watching me. I look to the paintings on the wall to the best of my ability, telling myself that the terror I am feeling was a result of my own imagination combined with the eyes of poe. But strangely, it looks as though poe is grieving me, despite him being the dead one.


Something jolts me awake.

“Minnie!” Gretta yells.

“G-gretta?” I say, sheilding my eyes from the sunlit brightness of the room around us. I let out a sigh of relief as I realize I am able to move my body.

“Minnie, why were you sleeping on the floor of the ball room?” Gretta says.

“I don’t really remember falling asleep. I had the strang-“

“You had me worried. I tried calling you, but your phone went straight to voicemail. I checked your last seen snapchat location and saw you were here. When I get here, you’re collapsed on the floor, no blanket, no pillow, just sleeping like it’s no big deal!”

I look her up and down. She’s wearing a pink button up floral shirt and skinny jeans. Her long wavy brown hair is casually bouncing up and down as she speaks, and her flawless skin ever so gracefully is grazed by it.

“Gretta, I’m sorry to worry, that was not my intent. I don’t really know how I got here.” I say, scratching my head.

Her pinched eyebrows relax, and her blue eyes soften at me. I can tell she regrets going off like she did. She doesn’t have to apologize, we’re so close that at this point we skip the “I’m sorry” bit and just say:

“You love me all the same.” Gretta says, smiling and pulling me in.

“and you, me.”

At this moment, the ballroom floor feels hollow, like the heart of it was ripped out. I try to ignore this shift in energy, and dust myself off.

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