Unnamed 2

“Roupale?” His voice called from the front porch. It was dark outside, and he had no lights on. He didn’t want us to be seen. That was fine with me, I didn’t want to be seen either.

I stood up from my spot in the bushes. I hadn’t realized that crouching that long had left my legs numb and shaky, like they weren’t used to standing anymore. I felt the bushes protest my movements. I almost agreed, but being around him was too exhilarating. I knew that we couldn’t get caught, but it didn’t matter to me then. And yes, hiding in the bushes was definitely overkill. Who was gonna be spying on us? He just didn’t want to risk it in the case that there were paparazzi hanging around. So we agreed. 9pm, his place, hide in the bushes and leave a red napkin on the windowsill, so he knows I’m there. I had placed my red napkin on the windowsill and had been patiently awaiting his beckon.

I saw the silhouette of his slim, fit figure with the light behind him. I already craved his touch. My tongue danced at the thought of his long, slender fingers intertwined with mine, as we lay in the silk sheets together. He was a strange addiction to me. My fascination- no, my obsession.

I creeped out from the bushes and walked towards his silhouette like birds to a pie in a disney princess movie. I saw his shoulders relax as he spotted me moving towards him in the night.

“Quickly, get in! I don’t need the press obsessing over a mysterious man in the bushes.” He said, whispering. I hurried myself into the mansion, and he closed the door behind me. When he did, he let out a sigh of relief, and smiled at me. I took in that moment. His slicked back hair and ironed button up shirt, half of it tucked in, the other half left out of his black slacks. His 5 o clock shadow was creeping in, and complementing his chiseled jaw. His lips were plump and looked soft, like two pillows, welcoming mine to rest upon them. He unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up his sleeves. As he did, a rebellious piece of hair fell upon his face. I bit my lip, thinking he wouldn’t notice. Then, his gaze met mine, and he smirked.

“Roupale, It’s nice to see you. How’s the kid?” He said through dark, thick lashes.

“Oh you know. He’s always getting himself into trouble. He just got Analise pregnant.” I said, looking down at my hands while I picked at my nails.

“Analise, huh? Well, they’re just kids! Isn’t he only 20? And she’s 18?”

I looked at him with daggers. “Val, you know he was conceived when I was 16, right?”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, how did that turn out for you. Here you are, with me, 20 years later.” He looked me up and down and raised an eyebrow.

I swallowed hard. There was so much passion between us, but he was also my best friend, and I needed him to support me.

“Val, I’m stressed. I just need to talk tonight,” I said, glancing at him.

“Haha, I understand. C’mon. Let’s go into the living room, I’ll have Jeanco bring us champagne.” He said, grabbing my arm to guide me.

He lead me through the doorway that was lined with gold into a hallway. The hallway was not shaped like a rectangle, but moreso like an upsidedown curved V. He ushered me into a room, washed with white furniture, a long white rug, a massive television, a glass table, and nice warm lights lighting the room. There were roses on the glass table, and a golden wine tray was hanging off the edge. The tray had two empty glasses on it, lined with gold at the rim and the base. If there is one thing I knew about him, it was that he loved his gold. He snapped his fingers and Jeanco walked in the doorway.

“Master?” He said, humbly. Jeanco was a youthful boy when he turned. A pity. He was left with a mental age of 12. His exsistance was only proof that they had gotten out of control.

“Fetch me a bottle of Vueve Clicquot, please.” Val said politely. Jeanco nodded and ran off.

I took a seat on the white armchair adjacent to the sofa. He walked over to the full sized windows and peeked through the black out curtains. As he reached for the curtain, I saw the scar on the back of his neck. It was a protection symbol, to protect him from being turned by them. It was put there by his oh so loving mother, who may have been considered crazy to most, but she was actually just right. It did keep him safe. If only it prevented him from hanging around them, though.

He turned back to face me. “I’ve been having troubles, recently. You see, a new group of hunters has been hunting my company.” He said, his expression intense.

I drew my brows together in concern. “Do you know who?” I asked.

“No, I need more information on them.” His eyes were distant as he scanned the room.

I shrugged. It was bound to happen. They had gotten out of control and needed to be reminded that they are living in a human’s world. They had become dangerous, and were starting to get on the radar of even the government at the time.

“Here’s the other problem… The company has tasted new blood and they’re all on a craze about it.” He said, looking towards the ground.

Jeanco walked back in to pour champagne. The room was silent for what felt like ages until Jeanco left the room.

“New blood?! Val! They are seriously out of control! My father would have-“

He interrupted. “I know, I know. I’m trying to work with them, but they have become restless again. Sometimes I wish I had never met Rimmins…” He sent a hand through his hair to soothe himself.

I stayed quiet. It really wasn’t my place to tell him whether his business with their kind was meant to be for him. I didn’t approve, but he also had been very successful thanks to his little business. And, he is the sole reason we don’t war with their kind almost constantly. He is the harmony between man and beast. And I am the harmony to his internal discord, I thought to myself. He studied me for a reaction, but I refused to betray my own feelings on the situation.

I grabbed the champagne glass closest to me on the tray, and took a sip.


I looked over to him in the dark, as he layed there peacefully. I wondered what he was dreaming about. Was it us, together? Running off into the sunset? I often dreamed that we could get away from all of these problems. Valentino and Roupale, an unstoppable force of lust and passion, and dare I say, love. We could be free from this world and it’s hatred of us. I smiled and looked up and the ceiling. But, my smile quickly faded. I knew it wasn’t possible. Valentino was the bridge over troubled water. He was America’s beloved bachelor. No human knew about us. It had to stay that way for him to maintain power. He was a public figure, you see. He would throw dances, parties, charity events, and most importantly, blood drives. The blood drives would partially be going to charity, but he took a good 2/3 of the donated blood to his company, and they would store it. This prevented them from unnecessary feeding. But he couldn’t only do blood drives, people would start to question it. So he did fundraisers and dances to raise money for things like cancer, AIDs, and other terminal illnesses. He didn’t keep a penny of that money, it was all donated to reputable charities. Since most people don’t suspect that a generous man like him would ever steal blood, he’s avoided suspicion and unwanted attention. I thought his plan was absolutely genius.

I remembered what Val had told me before we had gotten hot and heavy. “MAke sure you’re out of here before dawn. I have an interview with the press at 8, and I suspect they’ll be taking pictures of the place before then.” I frowned. All I wanted was to sleep in his warm embrace. But, I crawled out of bed, and made my way home.

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