But Magic Comes From Within (10)

Weeks had gone by. Although I can recite every falshq word, I cannot for the life of me do the actual magic. I had spent countless hours with Asher, only to return to Thu’uumki as unsuccessful, once again. But on the 82nd day of wizard training, something snapped. “Asher, why are we even doing this? […]

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Training (9)

I couldn’t tell which realm we were in. It looked a lot like earth, except it seemed to be much more colorful. I hadn’t seen any creatures except for a gilsh (basically a wolf that flies) and a couple of iggs (three-headed squirrels). These were common in a lot of places. Thu’uumki watched avidly his […]

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Veneni (8)- The Triumphants

Amarette led us through the intricate city to a large, heavily decorated platform I can only assume is the town square. There was a crowd encircling the victim. When we pushed our way through, we saw a young fairy. The child looked to be the equivalent of a human ten year old. He looked lost […]

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The Book (7) – The Triumphants

Somehow, I managed to shove my way past the crowd of nervous spectators. This beautiful hummingbird led me to a short building made of bricks. There  was still a  crowd of spectators watching me as though if they broke their stare or silence, I would cast a spell on them. I quietly Entered the little […]

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Confusion (6)- The triumphants

We headed back to the prairie from the castle. I looked down at my new friend who nudged my hand. His ice fur no longer burned me. It must have been self defense earlier. Suddenly, Amethyst broke the silence. “Violet you cannot return to earth. The humans will be looking for you and if they […]

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The palace (4)- THe Triumphants

I felt this impulse unfurling inside me. Suddenly I became sensitive to every piece of information the world was willing to provide me. The crumpling of the leaves below my feet. The wind brushing through my hair. My leather jacket lightly slapping against my hip. The smell of trees and leaves. There was this assurance […]

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