The First Test (5)- The Triumphants

He led me down a dark hall to an area with other men, some looking strangely inhuman. The biggest of them had what I assumed to be tribal markings. His skin was purplish-pinkish hue. He was muscular and one of his eyes was completely white. 

“This is her. This is violet. I am presenting before you the next..” He paused to eye me down. “SUPPOSED warrior…” Said the man that led me in. 

“Ishhkin, you speak unwisely.  The woman who is now her mother was, too, unfocused. But if you saw as much as I-” Said the purple pinkish skinned man.

“Can it, Thu’uumki. No one cares about your ability to look forward on certain situations,” said another man in the area. He was short with a long beard that was braided. His hair was grey and went down to the middle of his back. 

There were two others. One had to be a fairy. The other was tall, with sharp purple eyes. His ears were pointed and his hair was braided into a long ponytail. I would assume he was an elf. 

Thu’uumki walked over to me and grabbed my face as though it were a precious diamond that he would put into a ring. Then he stepped back and waved his arm to the short man with the braided beard. “Violet, this is Vishxta. He will be one of your mentors but he will not be your friend.” He points to the tall man with the purple eyes. “Meet Hasliith. He will be your council when you are unsure of what to do.” He then directs his arm towards the fairy. 

“Thanks, Thu’umki. I can introduce myself. Violet, I’m Amarette. I will be here to fix whatever money or social problems you create in the realms. From what Thu’umki tells me, you will keep me rather busy.” Said the fairy. I liked him more than the shorter man. Not as much as the elf or even Thu’uumki. 

“And I, Princess, am Thu’uumki. I am the strategist for all your problems and I fix the the things that the others cannot. I will always be a friend. I am the Head of the Grand Council. No one will touch you,” Thu’uumki said. 

“And I, Ishkiin, am your trainer in whatever Thu’uumki feels. At your service,” He smiles at me sarcastically. I return the expression. 

“And I know you only just got here, love, but I need you to go out to the yard.” Thu’uumki said to me. “Hope. Asher. Amethyst. I need you 3 to wait here. I’m sure you know why. 

I followed him out to the yard. I felt my heart rate rise. 

“Violet remember we are watching,” He added before heading back into the palace.

Suddenly, a wounded animal appeared before me. It seemed to be an animal made of ice. I quickly went down on my knees. I put pressure on the wound as I knew it would stop the bleeding. When I did, however, the wolf bit me and its icicle fur burned my hands. I quickly tore off a stretch of my pant leg and wrapped it around the animal. It lay there, panting. 

I looked around to see my environment. I was in a snowy field. The palace was gone. I saw only a backpack on the ground next to me. There was not enough food and water to last me and the wolf, but I didn’t care. I poured some water into a water hole I dug into the ground. I put the meat next to him. I showed him where he bit me and said, “I guess we’re both wounded now, huh?” The wolf whimpered as he drank from the fountain.

Suddenly, the snow started to fade away, but the wolf stayed with me. I looked back to see the palace behind me. Thu’uumki put a hand on my shoulder and looked at the wolf I had helped. 

“Violet, I haven’t seen a princess actually keep the wolf.” he said to me. 

“What do you mean?” I asked as I smiled at the wolf who now was brushing up against my leg. 

No one has ever been able to save his life. They never truly care. Not after he bites them.” He looked spooked. 

“So… What now?”

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