Confusion (6)- The triumphants

We headed back to the prairie from the castle. I looked down at my new friend who nudged my hand. His ice fur no longer burned me. It must have been self defense earlier.

Suddenly, Amethyst broke the silence. “Violet you cannot return to earth. The humans will be looking for you and if they see your thing-“

” He is NOT a thing, Amethyst. His name is Xaicier,” I said, hurt by her comment.

“Well you’ll only put yourself and Xaicier in danger,” she said, unphased.

“Where the intanthi am I supposed to go then????” I said, irritated.

Hope and Asher looked at each other in shock and Amythst froze in mid air as if someone had casted and Ice spell on her.

“Did you just…” Asher said in astonishment.

“Have you never heard the word before? It is a word that the laeti used to curse the saevii but has been proven to not have any magical base. For a bunch of creatures used to Falshq you guys really look lost,” I said, giving them attitude.

Their faces grew pale and Xaicier cocked his head at me. I realized what they were thinking.

“That’s a word that only the most advanced Falshq speakers know… It’s said the council itself has to teach you that word before you know what it means or if it is an actual curse,” said Amethyst.

Amethyst stepped in front of us and led us to the field. She waved for us to follow her to trail she was headng towards. I had feeling that she was taking us to her world.

The entire trip to the fairy kingdom had been silent. Even the creatures in the woods didn’t dare to make a sound. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. Examining me. I couldn’t really tell if they were more offended by the word I used or if they were just impressed. Or appalled. They made it seem like it was crazy that I knew a word like that. We approached a bunch of trees. From them hung a ladder that was made of rope. On the rope there were bells that rang in the light breeze. The fairy felt for the ladder with an uncanny familiarity.

“This is to guide those of us who cannot see. And for those of us without wings or the ability to levitate,” she said, daring to break the silence.

I looked towards the sky and wondered how the hell I was going to bring Xaicier with me. Asher must’ve known what I was thinking, as he said, “I’ll carry him up.” I had no idea how he had planned to carry a wolf that was as tall as my hip while climbing, but I was relieved it wasn’t me. 

I noticed the scene around us now. It was beautifully covered with flowers and roses. It smelled like flowers and forest. I touched the rope and felt something. A sorrow in the fibers of the twine. The fairies are a largely independent creature and ripping away their sight had to be the cruelest punishment. I took the first step on the ladder and felt a wave of sorrow through my body.

As I climbed up I noticed the ladder wasn’t moving.  
I looked down only to see that Asher, Amethyst, and Hope were not on the ground. I looked around and saw them levitating to the top. When Amethyst said those of us who cannot levitate, she was referring to me.

I reached the top of the trees and noticed the wooden platforms shaped like octagons and carefully connected by wooden bridges. The city was huge. The houses were way too tall for the fairies, but I imagined they did that intentionally so other races could visit. The walkways were crowded by busy fairies zipping by. As I looked around, I noticed that I didn’t see any of  the four that I had traveled with. 

Suddenly, I felt confused and worried. The city, while beautiful, was a confusing mess of bridges and buildings. Every time I thought 
I was moving along I’d somehow end up exactly where 
I started. I started to panic. When I tried to talk to the locals, they zipped past without even looking at me. I looked around, feeling panicked. 

Before I could think about it I shouted out, “Vishannan anavi klon!”

Everyone around me froze and turned to look at me. A little hummingbird flew in front of me out nowhere and started to sing, as if telling me to follow him. It would have been cool, If it wasn’t for the thousands of eyes that were now watching my every move. 



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