so the trek begins (3)- the triumphants

I stood between them and I still had problems grasping what they asked me to believe.

“Violet, I know this is a lot, but I need you to follow us. We have to start your training,” Hope said sternly. 

“Fine,”I said hesitantly. “I’ll go with you. Just one question. Where are we going?”

“I know you’ve read about the princess, Violet. So If you remember, one of the first tests done by the council is the initiation. It’s not very hard. You just have to fight some thieving goblins.” 

“Um, as I recall, you have to help the goblins understand their inner good and discontinue their volatile behavior,” Asher butted in.

“No that’s not right. You have to steal something of theirs to help them understand that stealing hurts people. Then they don’t do it again,” The fairy said. 

They looked at each other, confused and then Hope turned to me.”I think it’s a test of your morals. So harder than I thought.” 

Now not only am I upset and confused, but nervous, too. Much like the time in Kindergarten when we had to learn to spell words that derived from other languages. I spent hours trying to understand why the word buffet was spelled with two ‘f’s and a t. I was so nervous when the teacher called on me, I started crying. That was the first time in my life that I had felt more than one emotion at once. You would think with all the experience that I have had with such emotions that they wouldn’t affect me now like they do. 

We trek through the leafy forest floor. The whole time, Asher and Violet argued about the way. One of them thought that beyond the sunken meadow, the butterflies lead them to the palace of peace. The other claimed it was the butterflies that lead them through the meadow, then you find an obvious trail to the palace. The fairy watched me as I trudged behind them, now just as annoyed as confused and upset. 

“I know that this is a lot of things to process. But legend has it the council forces you to find your own way. You need to take the lead in your own path. Following these two knuckleheads as they bicker like little children will be as helpful as it is peaceful. Your instinct knows where to do and what to do. Don’t question it,” she said in a hushed voice. 

This made me more confused and a little more upset. She’s asked me to lead the group when I don’t know what I’m doing, where I’m going or- even more importantly- who I am? I watched my feet as I kept moving. Hours seemed to had gone by, and now the arguing had turned into a full-blown fight. There was yelling and hitting and eventually we just stopped as each threatened to use their training on the other. I felt like I had to intervene. 

“You know if you’re going to argue like Saevii and Laeti, I will have to create a council with a fairy I just met today. Quit thischildish behavior. I will lead us since CLEARLY, you two have know idea where you’re going,” I said bitterly to the two of them. The fairy grunted in agreement. 

They both looked at me, now regaining their heads. “okay, Princess,” Hope said, mockingly,”where to?”



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