Training (9)

I couldn’t tell which realm we were in. It looked a lot like earth, except it seemed to be much more colorful. I hadn’t seen any creatures except for a gilsh (basically a wolf that flies) and a couple of iggs (three-headed squirrels). These were common in a lot of places. Thu’uumki watched avidly his surroundings. Almost as if we were about to be ambushed.

I started to feel my skin start to burn. It was like a gut feeling something was off but on my skin.

“Thu’uumki…” I said, flipping my arms over trying to figure out what was going on.

“A wizard’s instinct. That’s what you have. Tell me, what are you feeling.”

“It feels like my skin is on fire!” I said flicking my arms to make it stop.

“No, stop flicking your arms. Embrace the feeling. Something happened in this area. Can you guess what happened? “

I stopped moving and closed my eyes. As I embraced the burn I felt my whole body be engulfed with flames. I felt my own skin boiling. Then I started to see around me, a village of people burning, screaming. Their houses were so pretty, so peaceful, yet, they were tarnished by the beautiful, devilish, red mistress that danced around them.

I opened my eyes. “Who did it, Thu’uumki?”

“Unlike how you may have been accustomed to on your time on Earth, learning is figuring it out on your own. I cannot lecture into you magic or combat skills. You have to feel your own spirit move within you and show you the way.

“I know that you have heard their name at least once. They are planning on battling us, and soon, you will need to fight to save the land.

“And while they may not have claimed you, that marking on your ankle means you had a sibling related to you that was either claimed by the evil that threatens these lands, or they were a princess that died and failed their mission.

“But Violet understand, you are up against the world, yet it depends on you. Asher will help you further your spell knowledge, now that I have introduced you to the school of illusion.”


Back at the castle, Asher awaits me.

“Did you have fun?” he smirked, making the fire inside me burn.

“A falshqin blast,” I said, scoffing.

He laughed at me, and pulled out a wand.

“Here you go, novice,” he flashed an expression at me that I had only seen on my father’s face. One that usually meant my father was further approaching his demise. One that I had grown to dread. However, the expression was much more suiting on him. Calming and inviting and somehow also exciting, it was the look of passion.

Ignoring his comment about the novice, I took the wand from his hand. Subconsciously I was holding it wrong, maybe because subconsciously I wanted him to correct it, to see that twinkle of passion in his eye. But not a million years of daydreaming could have prepared me for the feeling of him touching my hand with his.

“No you see, these grooves here at the bottom are for your fingers… why are you holding it like a 2 year old holds a spoon? here.. let me…” He’s so passionate, that for a second, I thought that he’d prefer a nice Jin’jii crafted wand with gold lace to a woman who loves him.

“Yeah, yeah I get it.” I turn away from him to hide the fact I’m blushing. Not that he’d notice considering he had his eyes glued to the wand.

” While you technically don’t need a wand for magic, it’s easier to focus your energy into the single tip when your casting. That’s mostly because we want to use magic extremely lightly. Remember, energy does not create itself, You transform a part of your own energy into a spell. Each school costs different amounts of energy. For instance ignis costs the most energy. That’s because fire literally is hot energy. Aqua is second highest, though no where near as energy inefficient. Since water is within all of us, it is a bit easier to manipulate. However, this is still difficult to achieve.” He told me, pacing back and forth and cupping his chin in a way that reminded me of my highschool teachers.

“Furthermore, The more out of shape you are, the less amount of time you will be able to cast. All I’m saying is that you’ve never seen a fat wizard…” He chuckled to himself like it was a joke, then almost snapped into reality to see if I was offended.

This is my chance.

“I’m sorry,” I said, covering my stomach, pretending like I’m about to cry, “are you saying I need to lose weight??”

“d- uhhhhh, d- uhhhhhhh, no no not at all. In fact I think you’re very beautiful just the way you are…”

I turned my head, and grabbed my chin, smilng.

“No! NO! Not like that. I mean I’m not trying to hit on you. Not that that would be unheard of… I…” he squirmed under the thick layer of pressure I was putting upon him.

Satisfied, I yawned and said, “I’m bored.”

“Well we might as well take a break. Being bored is no way to do magic.”

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