Rose? (11)- The Triumphants

Xacier looked at me as I sat quietly in my room. He nudged my arm as if telling me I needed to get moving. I know everyone is relying on me. I feel so far away from them, even though I’m not. I miss my family back home. I miss my old life. I miss cell phones being the coolest thing in my life. I miss…

my dad.

my sister.

…my friends.

my home.

I felt this pain in my heart. This hole. I felt as though everything I loved was lost. That it was in a different life time. Yet somehow, this sense of a higher purpose was so comforting that I had to pursue it. There is no going back…


I wanted to cry. I felt so torn apart and lost. I felt… alone. Thu’uumki is there but I am supposed to be impressing him. He is the head of the council. One of the most powerful people in existence. And yet, somehow, I rely on him for comfort and security.

I still wish I knew my sister. We were torn apart by circumstance. It isn’t our fault that the ways of the world chose this for us. Yet, we fell victim to fate’s iron grip. And because of the iron grip of fate I didn’t get to have that bond.

I lost my sister to the very thing that may end up killing me.

I convulsed with pain and began to cry. It hurt so much. I hurt so much.

Xacier howled and I almost recognized something in that howl. As though he felt what I was feeling.

Then I looked closer.

I noticed something in those crystal eyes.

I noticed something that reminded me of myself.

I wiped tears away from my eyes.

Suddenly things started to click. I realized that this whole time, Rose hadn’t been killed. In science we are told that energy never dies it just switched forms. Is this what they meant?

As I sat there staring at Xaicier, he walked over to me and rested his head on my lap. He knew what i was thinking. He knew what I felt. He understood my thoughts as though i said them out loud and he confirmed every suspicion I was having.


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