Veneni (8)- The Triumphants

Amarette led us through the intricate city to a large, heavily decorated platform I can only assume is the town square. There was a crowd encircling the victim. When we pushed our way through, we saw a young fairy. The child looked to be the equivalent of a human ten year old. He looked lost and confused. He was sobbing. 

I looked at Amarette and Amethyst, who stood frozen. I knew I had to do something. I jumped out into the circle surrounding the boy. Asher tried to grab my arm, but he was too slow. I said very calmly and a few feet away, “sha’khim, dinshik. ^sear oculinne.” I asked him. I hadn’t really even realized the fact that I’d said it in Falshq, until he responded to me. 

“Eln,” he said sobbing. 

“leas quin’. lea Rexlian,” I said gently grabbing his hand. He accepted me touching him as I gently pulled him towards a cottage that was across one of the bridges. The crowd didn’t move until The boy was safely in the building. 

Amarette came to me quickly and with deep concern. 

“Violet how do you know that much falshq?” Amarette said. 

“I- I don’t know. It just kind of came to me. It’s like it’s been there my whole life,” I said, astonished. 

Amethyst caught up with us and said, “the council is not going to like this Amarette.”

I know why. Speaking falshq before being trained is a sign that I was touched by the Veneni. They’re the powerful group that rules crime in all the realms. Even earth. They’ve been trying to restore the kingdom to its original state of disorder before the council took over. It is said that these people know they are a spy for Veneni as much as they know they are the next princess- they don’t. This is what makes them so dangerous. 


We walked toward the palace once again, only now, instead of feeling wonder, I felt like a child who broke my neighbors lawn gnomes being dragged by the ear to my mom. Amarette opened the door and ushered me in. I was nervous but I held my composure.

“Amarette, how did everything go?” Thu’uumki demanded.

“Well, not only did she cast a spell, she already knew enough falshq to speak to the latest victim,” Amarette said.

Thu’uumki looked at me and then to Xaicier.

“You understand if she was one of them she would not have saved the wolf. They are made to blend in. Not to deviate,” Thu’uumki said, assuringly.

“Then how does she know this stuff? She has to have been touched,” Amarette said.

“Do you have any strange marks on you, Violet? Anything like a birthmark, or a scar?” He asked me. I thought carefully. On my ankle I had this mark of a snake coiled around a staff. I gulped.

“Well, actually…” I say, worriedly.

Amarette scoffed and laughed nervously. “See! I told you! she’s been kissed. I can fix a lot of things Thu’uumki but I cannot fix that.”

“Let me see it,” Thu’uumki said, not worried.

I lifted my pant leg to show him and he tilted his head as if he had been enlightened.

“She is no Veneni. You must calm down,” Thu’uumki said.

I already knew this, but it was still a relief. Thu’uumki looked at me differently, however. He looked at me with a new sort of respect. Maybe a little bit of fear, but I couldn’t really tell.

“I’ve had it for as long as I remember. I don’t know why or what it means.” I told them.

“We must hurry, Violet. I will not tell you what that means, but you need to get trained. They’re going to be looking for you.” Thu’uumki said.

One thought on “Veneni (8)- The Triumphants

  1. Thu’uumaki is turning into one of my favorite characters in this short story because of his realistic outlook and his sheer knowledge base. I hope he gets a more significant role in the later part of the story.


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