Falshq is a new era language, created after the Great War of the Saevii and Laeti. Falshq was originally created as a universal language among all the races that shared the land. This way there would be no language barrier to peace within the kingdom. As most things do, Falshq evolved over time to a […]

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Violet Vincit’s Father

He grew up in the middle of the Canadian woods in a small little cottage. His first steps into this world were bare on the leaf covered floor of the forest. There was no electricity. He was to be trained away from civilization. The council had already chosen his fate in life. His mother was […]

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The Council

There used to be many races that roamed the earth besides man. Legend has it there were more species and variants that anyone could keep track of. At the time, Grejshiins were the most prevalent and powerful of the races. Humans were nothing but white tigers to the Grejshiins; in other words they were very […]

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