The palace (4)- THe Triumphants

I felt this impulse unfurling inside me. Suddenly I became sensitive to every piece of information the world was willing to provide me. The crumpling of the leaves below my feet. The wind brushing through my hair. My leather jacket lightly slapping against my hip. The smell of trees and leaves. There was this assurance in my step and I felt myself being reeled in by an invisible fishing line. I was being drawn to the palace. 

As we pushed through the trees, I felt myself growing closer.  Finally the trees ended and there was a meadow. The grass was tall and beautiful. A butterfly flitted over to me. I reached out my finger for it to land, but instead it moved forward, as if trying to show me something. I slowly moved towards it. We must have been halfway through the meadow when I felt my chemistry change inside. There was a tingling from my head to my toes that made me feel like I was transferring myself. What had been happening to me? But it made sense to me when I realized the world around me was much different than the one before. It was warmer, the sky was bluer, there were no clouds or wind. There was no imperfections. This must have been the next Plane. The secret plane that only those chosen by the Council are welcome to see. The butterfly is another guardian, I noticed. The animals that shared this land were to be respected as all other life. The thing is, every thing that lived in the secret plane, or Karrsha, was very powerful. I could tell that the animals watched me as I followed a trail paved with cobblestone. 

I looked up at the stone palace. The walls were gray, but clean. It was gorgeous. There was a statue of two brothers fighting, and I knew It had to do with the Laeti and Saevii. As I approached the grand front doors, I saw the symbols that decorated them. I was not very good at Falshq, but I got the basic understanding of what they meant. “He who is quick to anger, is quick to lose.” 

“Do not knock, Violet,” Hope said, demandingly. 

I didn’t care what she wanted me to do. Against her advice and my own best judgement I carefully knocked on the door. I heard a series of locks click as they were undone. It sounded like it was a machine controlling a series of locking mechanisms. As the door creaked I stood before the door, ready to walk in. Before me stood an old human with gray hair and a gray beard that was well kept but down to his chest. 

“Hope. Asher. Amethyst. What is this that you have put before my door?” He said, eyeing me down. 

“She is the Princess, your honor,” Said the fairy, or as i know now, Amethyst. 

“Excuse me? This is no princess. She has never been here before. If you mean to tell me that THIS is Violet Vincit…”

I felt my anger growing. 

“Your honor, with all due respect, she led us here. Not vice versa. You know EXACTLY what that means,” Asher said, with cold blue eyes. 

He tilted his head up and said, “Come in.”

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