The Book (7) – The Triumphants

Somehow, I managed to shove my way past the crowd of nervous spectators. This beautiful hummingbird led me to a short building made of bricks. There  was still a  crowd of spectators watching me as though if they broke their stare or silence, I would cast a spell on them. I quietly Entered the little building. Inside was Xaicier, Asher, Amethyst, and Hope. 

I looked upon all of their faces,  and they seemed unsurprised to see me. 

“Who brought you here, it took you a while,” Asher joked. Then he turned towards the others, confused. 

“Wait, who did bring you here, Violet?” Hope asked. 

“No one. I had to find the place on my own,” I said, irritated. 

“HOPE!! You said you were going to take her here!” Asher said.

“Asher, you said you were going to bring her because you wanted to talk to her,”Hope said, mocking her. 

Asher tilted his head and looked up, as if what he had said was written on the ceiling. He pursed his lips and begrudgingly said, “You’re right.” 

Amethyst sighed and rolled her eyes before flying in front of the two. “These two blockheads don’t know how to ask the important questions. How did you find the place?”

“Well, you see…” I said, hesitantly. ” I have these feelings and sometimes they make me act out. Which explains this one time when I was 13…”

“Violet what did you do?” Hope pointed the question at me like a sharp knife. 

” I casted a spell in front of the entire fairy population,” I said, quickly.

They both looked to Asher and he grew pale. 

“Guys I haven’t taught her any spells,” Asher said, looking like a cornered puppy. 

Amethyst shook her head and turned around to face the bookshelves I now saw around us. There were books that had to date back to the age of the Laeti. The spines had been beaten up around the edges, but they were made of tough leather that looked like it withstood the test of time. 

Amethyst dragged her elegant fingers along the books. Although she couldn’t see the words carved in the spines, she knew their grooves and sizes. She was searching for one, but I couldn’t tell which. She stopped on a blue book with Laetian letters carved in the side. It was much larger than all the other books. I had to guess the spine was about 4 inches wide. 

Amethyst pointed to the book and said, “Asher would you be a dear? I’m afraid it’s a bit too heavy for me.”

Asher hesitantly moved towards her and grabbed the book. I saw him almost drop it because he wasn’t expecting it to weigh as much as it did. He carried it over to a table near the shelves and set it down. 

“Violet, this is the book of spells that was originally written by a Grand  Necromancer of the Laeti. He wrote this book so that if something were to happen in the realm of magic, they would always know where to regain their power,” Amethyst said. 

I looked at her and I could tell she could sense my confusion. 

“You have an adept understanding of magic, right? If you already know spells then you know what is in here. This power is in your hands. There are spells in here that you may not be able to cast yet, but this is where you come for training. Inside the bricks of these walls were the specially crafted golden and diamond shields that the saevii used to protect themselves against magic. This is your new home.”

There was a knock at the door.

I went to the door and opened it slowly. Amarette shoved his way in. 

“Violet! What on Earth have you done? You have terrified the fairies and caused a scene. A huge mess!” He said, more appalled at the work he had to do than he was mad at me. 

“Amarette, I’m sorry. I just was lost and no one was there,” I said defensively

“And you tried to ask the fairies for help?” He said, calming down.

” I did but they all acted like I didn’t exist,” I replied. 

“Amarette, you know better than anyone that the fairies do not speak English, or any human language for that matter,” Amethyst butted in. 

There was silence in the room as Amarette attempted to asses the situation. No one had realized that the door was left open until a fairy burst in and whispered something into Amarette’s ear. 

Amarette’s expression dropped and he grew pale. He looked at the ground and muttered, “Amethyst, there’s another one.” 

Amethyst got a pained look on her face. 

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