WHat Happens When they Die

An overall belief  is that when anything dies, it is reincarnated, which is why everything in the Kingdom is not allowed to be touched. You have to treat those animals with respect. It is believed that sometimes there are souls that travel only between the  human-like species. It is also believed that whatever you’re reincarnated as represents how good you were. 

Princesses are more than human, however. They have a deeper understanding of the land and the creatures around them. Princesses are known for disturbing human like creatures, but keeping the peace amongst all the guardians of the council. 

Rose was the last Princess, but she randomly disappeared. This disturbed everyone because she was actually loved by  everyone except for fairies. The fairies are a generally good species so there is still confusion on where she went.  Rose was Violet’s older sister that Violet didn’t know very well. This being said, Violet has very vague memories of her sister. Violet was 2 at around the time Rose became the princess. 

From what Violet remembers, Rose was a very strong, loyal, independent, argumentative, and charismatic. The fact that Rose disappeared was very traumatizing to her. Laevus started to lose parts of his sanity. Violet remembers that she had been missing for 3 days, when suddenly she flt something had changed. Rose was always a free spirit but she also always managed to find her way back. And this time she hadn’t. Violet hasn’t been told just how bad the situation is. 

Princesses’ fates usually depend on how they act with their powers. The standard Princess does not save the wolf or care for it. The average princess knows about their powers. The average princess is killed before she can pass on her legend and join the council. The longest a princess has ever lived has been 183 years as princess or 199 years old. Rose took the prize for the shortest reigning princess.  Since Rose did not save the wolf, rose was punished by being put in its shoes. 

Princesses are reincarnated as magical creatures that cannot communicate with human like species. Or at least, the average princess is. 

Rose passed out in the icy terrain of one of the realms she hoped was Earth when trying to find her way home. When rose awoke, 16 years later, she saw a young women who she did not recognize. She didn’t realize it, but her  natural reaction was to shelter herself with poison and bite this young woman.   Then, she looked down at her body and tried to speak, but could not move her mouth. She looked at the woman who was treating her wounds with such precision and care. Then she realized that she faintly recognized this woman.

 She started thinking about how much this woman reminded her of her sister. She was kind and loving. She shared her food. She shared her water. Rose had not done the same. She had quickly dismissed the wolf. This made her regret that decision. 

She was suspicious of this woman, but doubted it. Her suspicions were confirmed when an all to familiar Thu’uumki voice said to this Woman, “Violet, I’ve never seen anyone keep the wolf before.”

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