Thuu’umki (for Orhlin)

Thuu was a lonely child. It was said he was abandoned when he was a young boy, but it is unknown, as the Umki planet was taken over by the veneni as the original source of operations. He was different than all of his peers. They were interested in learning farming, learning spell works and acts of magical feat. They’d play tricks on one another, like invisibility cloaking a candy cane, but couldn’t do much more than that without completely wearing out their magical capacity. Thuu would study them profusely, trying to understand them. He never understood how they just walked up to others and made friends, whereas Thuu would walk up to kin and introduce himself and maybe play with them, but they were never “friends.”

Thuu was alone most of his adolescent years, and the pains of his lonesome childhood haunted him. He had no spite for people, however. Just a spite for those closeminded enough to hate the different. And while Thuu was alone, it was mostly by his own volition, as he outperformed all of his peers in a lot of ways. He even grew more and more attractive as he got older, and got attention from ladies. But he did not always notice and seldom cared. He didn’t want to find a woman, settle down, and become complacent. Until he met her.

Her light blue skin that would glimmer like moonlight and the stars. Long dark blue hair that tapered to a light, baby blue color at the ends, was so curly. And her eyes, blue through and through. Her name was “Thorlin-Alaani” Which meant, Moonlit Sky. Thuu always thought her name was appropriate. She was very quiet, though no one ever paid her much mind, People called her “Vishtiskl” which essentially meant the town bicycle. Not that it would have mattered to Thuu, but he knew she wasn’t. Thuu always knew it didn’t make sense to judge a woman’s worth by whether a man has lain with her. A woman defines their own worth.

Thuu would sit on the same stump every day, widdling away at a new stick with a knife he assumed was given to him by his parents before they left him. He would watch the others, carefully. Occasionally, he would day dream about Thorlin-Alaani. Day dream about talking to her, holding her hand, making her eyes light up as she smiled. One day, while he was daydreaming about her, thinking she would never want someone like him, he heard the sound of a thump beside him. He looked over to see her- and she just beamed up at him, as though she had heard his thoughts. He jumped, as he was startled.
“Er.. uh… Hi! I’m uh… er..” He said.
“Hi Thuu. You should be careful about your thinking volume. I heard you from the other side of the meadow.” She said, now looking at his sculpure. “That looks absolutely amazing.”

Thuu froze and realized why people didn’t like her. He blushed profusely. He then quickly stood up and said, “Er… uh… sorry about that… Please, you can sit on the stump, I would rather you not ruin those wonderful leggings you’re wearing.”

She raised an eyebrow, “But then you’ll ruin your pants.”

“That’s alright, I have plenty more,” he smiled. He didn’t.

She sat down on the stump.

They ended up talking and laughing for hours. It turned out that she prefered to be called Orlhin, or Moon, because Moonlit Sky was, in her words, “rather cliche,” like someone naming their kid His Highness. Thuu told her at least she knew what her name meant and they laughed about it.

Days with Moon turned into months turned into years of laughter, love, and hope. Soon, rather than the two outcasts unlikely to find love, they were the icon of the villiage. Occasionally, women would approach Thuu to split the two by insulting her, and he would simply refuse to acknowledge them. In Thuu’s culture, women are to propose to men, as it leaves the power in the hands of the woman. So she dragged him out one starry evening and proposed to him with an enchanted short-sword. The enchantment upon it was:

In life or in death, I will stand beside you.
Your battles are my battles,
your victories are my victories.
No matter the woe, no matter the hardship,
in great distance may you find strength.

Thuu accepted and they both cried. Thuu had finally found the woman of his dreams, the one to settle with, though he thought he never would.

About a year into the happy marriage, Thuu noticed that the sword would glow. He wondered what it meant, if it meant their love had simply gotten stronger or….

“Thuu, I’m pregnant,” Moon said to him, beaming.

Thuu teared up and held her tightly. “Moon, I love you,” he said, crying.

She just laughed and said, “you always get so emotional.”

That evening, Thuu and Moon decided to sneak out into the meadow and celebrate by watching Azhrah’s Lights, which were said to be a show put on by the goddess of the planet, Azhrah. The lights almost seemed as giddy as they upon the arrival to the field.

“Moon, I promise to protect you always. You and our child. When I am beside you, no harm shall befall you, till death do us part. I just.. I just need you to know that I love you, I support you, and I’m so happy.” Thuu said, kissing her cheek and smiling.

“Well then, what if I run away then?” She said, giggling and running away from him.

He chased after her until all of the sudden, and arrow when through her back, and she collapsed. Thuu ran to her and caught her to stop her from falling to the ground. He looked around but it appeared the arrow came from no where. He turned her to face him.

She struggled and gasped for air as he tried to heal her wound with a healing spell, but the arrow was enchanted.

“Moon. MOON. Stay with me, everything is going to be okay.. sht libuen astinni olni fhahe… DAMMIT” He kept repeating, through tears. As he said the spell a third time, she grabbed his arm.

“Thuu… I… never… told… you… your… name… means… sun…
“now… as… I… set… you… shall… rise… my love…” She said through gasps, before stopping all together.

Thuu watched the life drain from her beautiful body. She became limp in his arms as he screamed, “No. MOON. NO. WAKE BACK UP. WHY?!?” And sobbed into her chest. He cried for hours, begging to trade his life for that of Moon’s. He screamed how he was not strong enough without her. Then, he was joined by a woman from the villiage that he had disliked for a while. She approached him and saw moon, collapsed in his arms.

She looked, horrified, to him and said, “What happened?”

He said through sobs, “She… was… pregnant… and we… oh god Moon, why?!”

Her mouth dropped and she said, “You KILLED her because she was pregnant?!”

Thuu looked at the woman with pain in his face and said, “No! I would… never… I loved her… Oh God, Moon… please…”

“Nice try, MURDERER, but if you didn’t kill her, why didn’t you cast a healing spell?”

“I tried… I tried…”

The woman ran back the village and returned with the other villagers.

“Get her away from him! He’s a sick freak!” one shouted

“What kind of man kills his own wife?” another pondered.

“If he didn’t kill his wife, why is his sword glowing like that? He probably did it to be more powerful.”

They came and took Moon’s lifeless body from his arms, shaming him, and banning him from the village proper. They told him they hoped he died and rotted, like the sick freak he was. Like he deserved. And so he lay, alone, in the meadow, where he and Moon once laughed and played together. The light of his life had left him. So he collapsed onto the ground and prayed for the earth to engulf him.

As the sun rose, it shortly soon set, and the moon rose, and followed in suit. He watched it happen a dozen times, thinking only to himself the last words she said through staggered breaths. “Now as I set, you shall rise my love.”

One night, when the moon was high in the sky, full and bright, Azhrah’s lights came. As they gleamed and danced around the sky, Thuu could almost make a figure out of it. A… a woman. That’s it. He was officially dying. This must be pre-death lunacy, he thought happily to himself.

“My son, I am no illusion, and your journey is far from over.” An angelic voice said to him.

She appears before him in full form, glowing.

“Who- What-”

“I am Azhrah. Listen carefully my son, I created you to save us, and you must. Thorlin-Alaani was killed by those who shall soon tarnish this world and divide families; the Veneni. They will burn your village and take this world as their own, Thuu of Umki. you must join with they who seek to stop these forces of evil. You are protected by the moon Goddess, as you are me. And it is time for you to rise in her honor.”

And as quickly as she appeared, she faded. and even thought it was the middle of the night, the sun began to rise, but just stayed there. At sunrise. He knew what he had to do.

For Orlhin.

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