The palace (4)- THe Triumphants

I felt this impulse unfurling inside me. Suddenly I became sensitive to every piece of information the world was willing to provide me. The crumpling of the leaves below my feet. The wind brushing through my hair. My leather jacket lightly slapping against my hip. The smell of trees and leaves. There was this assurance […]

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Violet Vincit’s Father

He grew up in the middle of the Canadian woods in a small little cottage. His first steps into this world were bare on the leaf covered floor of the forest. There was no electricity. He was to be trained away from civilization. The council had already chosen his fate in life. His mother was […]

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The Council

There used to be many races that roamed the earth besides man. Legend has it there were more species and variants that anyone could keep track of. At the time, Grejshiins were the most prevalent and powerful of the races. Humans were nothing but white tigers to the Grejshiins; in other words they were very […]

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About me

I won’t lie, this is a sad post. Most people who know me as a good friend know vaguely about a rough past and lots of issues. This is a true analysis based on how I know myself and the things going on back then. I’m sorry if I offend you, but I will not […]

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Welcome, fellow dragon!

I love fantasy. Fantasy anything and everything. I love DnD, LOTR, EQ (if you know what that is, props to you) and so much more. I love magic and if I lived in a fantasy world, a dragon and I would be best friends. You might not think this to be possible, but I am […]

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