The Council

There used to be many races that roamed the earth besides man. Legend has it there were more species and variants that anyone could keep track of. At the time, Grejshiins were the most prevalent and powerful of the races. Humans were nothing but white tigers to the Grejshiins; in other words they were very rare. There were two families in the Grejshiins, the Saevii and the Laeti. The problem, though, is that the Laeti were more intelligent and believed they deserved the power. The Saevii were very strong and tough, and believed such a fragile society needed to be led by strength. Races took sides in a heated debate that lasted hundreds of years. Finally, there was no longer just families but clans. Clans with many races and many different beliefs. The original debate had been a matter of wits or strength, but now there were many factors involved. The Laeti now believed in not only intelligence, but also wisdom and charisma. The Saevii believed not only in strength, but dexterity and agility. The Laeti became certain forms of spellcasters as vast books of spells required an intimate relationship with intelligence, and applying these spells to the real world required lots of wisdom. The Saevii, were the warriors and assassins. Carrying their heavy armor and swinging such heavy swords required strength and agility. If you know anything about mixing spell casters with warriors, it isn’t exactly pretty. Warriors are useless against spells cast at a distance, and spell casters are as easy to cut through up close as a warm knife through butter. Needless to say, the battle wasn’t pretty. Humans, not being on either side, watched as the beautiful world they once knew filled with life and peace wither into a place of hatred, fire, and war. Some said you could hear the screams of the warriors burning alive in the fire of the spell casters, and you could hear the groans of the spell casters as they took their last breaths. The war was bloody, and devastating. It took out almost all of every race- except the humans. The humans came together and came up with the idea of creating a group of the races in charge of keeping the peace. This would be called the Grand Council. This inspired the humans to stop the war and make peace among the races. No one knows how many are in the Grand Council. They used to be cherished in rich celebrations and marched through towns. Once humans learned that the Grand council held the power to all the land, it became abundantly clear that the council had to go into hiding. Their main mission being keeping the peace and determining the next agent of the council. This person later became known as the princess, and the weight of the peace rests upon the shoulders of they who carry this title. The council, while known for their good planning, have not been able to pinpoint every outcome in the future. They are burdened with the task of electing new council members who must pass tests. The same goes for the agent of the council. The grand council has been mostly accurate for thousands of years, save for one man. 

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