Violet Vincit’s Father

He grew up in the middle of the Canadian woods in a small little cottage. His first steps into this world were bare on the leaf covered floor of the forest. There was no electricity. He was to be trained away from civilization. The council had already chosen his fate in life. His mother was the princess of that era and chose to live away from those who sought her as a doorway to the goodside of the magic realm. He was trained in multiple forms of martial arts, but the most important of these was Vhaar’thyn. It was created by the council and involved various magic moved as well as incorporating ones from other forms of martial arts. The main discipline of this form was wisdom, something that a council of wizards would strive for the most. Unfortunately, Laevus Vincit was not the wisest of his family members. He was the single child and the weight of being a prince weighed on his shoulders daily. When he was 16, he was in line to be the next warrior, but since he could not meet his quota on the wisdom test of the Grand Council, he never achieved his prophecy. The worst part of this was that not only did he meet all the other standards on the test, he beat every past warrior and council member. He would have been the smartest, nicest, fastest, and toughest leader in history, but he would have been the most imprudent. That is when the Council chose his first born to be the next warrior. When he had failed his tests, he met the new warrior that would remain the warrior until Laevus had his child. Her name was Rose. She had not been as strong as many of the past warriors, but she was strong enough to pass the test. Shortly after Violet had been born, Rose had been drawn to a war between the dark forces and the fairies. She was captured as a prisoner of war. No one heard from her after. It, however, became abundantly clear that Laevus’ next mission was to oversee the upbringing of the next warrior.  As she grew, he started to see himself in her. He saw the potential because she got the best of both her mother and father. That’s when he realized that there was a new era that was about to dawn upon their world. He started visiting one of the members of the council, Jaahsth. As time went on, Jaahsth pushed Laevus to train Violet intensely, but Laevus could not succeed as a trainer for her. The travel between the worlds also took a toll on Laevus’ ability to remember the past. He could no longer remember Rose, his failed attempt at being a warrior, and any indication of a life that was unusual. That’s when Hope was recruited. Laevus became a full time American father, and he was stuck in the first plane.

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