Falshq is a new era language, created after the Great War of the Saevii and Laeti. Falshq was originally created as a universal language among all the races that shared the land. This way there would be no language barrier to peace within the kingdom. As most things do, Falshq evolved over time to a highly latin- and germanic- based language, very similar to modern American English. However, some of the old grammar rules apply, such as a’a is always pronounced, ‘aiah’. The symbols around the letters are remnants of the other languages that were once written as well. Combining words to make phrases -or even sometimes sentences- is very orcish. An example would be when you say good evening to someone, you say, “qui’vvennė”. This phrase is a combination of the adjective quil and the word for night or evening, vvennė. Some races communicated with high-pitched sounds that humans could not replicate, so those races were cut out of Falshq. 

Falshq has not solved all the inter-racial communication. There were fights within the council. There was bloodshed in the realm because they felt like they were being discriminated against for no good reason. The problem is humans can only make a small variety of noises and sounds, so they can’t speak all the varieties. The council had to make some hard decisions. It looks like they favor orcs and other creatures with two legs that look similar to humans. 

Certain cultures resisted the change at first, but as generations passed, there was no need to learn traditional language as the races joined together and interacted with one another. The loss of tradition has left many races tense and at the brink of war. Some races did not have as much access to Falshq and its quirks and still cannot speak it fluently. Dolphins still do not speak it, though they are known to be one of the smartest races in all the realms. Possibly smarter than humans. It’s a shame that the smartest races had the most drawbacks.  Normal humans do not know of falshq, because of the curiosity that would result from such a thing. Once humans are curious they are relentless, and they will destroy anything in their paths. 

However, it is a language that is meant to flow,since for the longest time, humans were dominant in the realm. This has to dowith the majority of races either taking sides with the laeti or saevii. Humanssplit amongst themselves as some became isolated. Once they were no longercohesive, the group that wasn’t involved with the other races becameintolerant. They started spreading nasty rumors about all sorts of races anddiseases. That was when they were banished to the realm known as Earth. There have been earthlings before that have discovered falshq, but usually theyare sought out b y the council so they may not share what they havelearned.

Maybe one day, everyone will be able to learn the treasures of the language, but they still have a ways to come. 

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