THe soul Seekers- example Book(s)

The plot of this story is very complex. There is a girl who is a soulseeker which means she has magic capabilities. She falls in love with one of the two twin, their names being Dace and Cade. Dace is the good one of the two of them and Cade is the opposite. Cade seeks to kill them both to please his father. The story is mostly about Dace and Daire and their love story in the first two books. But as the story goes on, many things happen that separate the two of them, such as what the readers can only assume is heaven for soul seekers after Daire basically dies. She does come back down to earth after jumping through a portal. 

Daire lived with her grandma who once had the same abilities as daire. She tries to prevent Daire from falling in love but the future had already been set in stone. 

The ending as I remember involved Dace becoming darker in his soul and Cade becoming lighter. Cade dies, but it is not the end of the reign of evil, because Cade’s girlfriend was pregnant. 

What I learned from this series:
First and most importantly I learned why people liked reading. I never had finished a full series before. This was the first one I had really gotten into. I was also in that point in my life where I hit puberty so i needed some romance and that really hit the spot, however sometimes it went a little overboard. Basically, there was at least like two sex scenes in each book. Being younger that made me very uncomfortable. I know that I shouldn’t incorporate full on sex scenes in my books because of the kind of atmosphere it creates. 

Second of all, It was the first book I’d read with a strong female lead. ESPECIALLY for the fantasy industry which is predominantly about men. Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows I am a feminist in the original meaning of the word. I believe everything should be equal among the genders. This inspired me to create Violet rather than a man for my book. The thing is, people think like violet regardless of their gender. 

This also demonstrated that a strong mentor can be someone with whom the pupil is romantically involved.  There are also different types of mentors. One type being the one who is concerned and does not want to assist the pupil in discovering her own way, but eventually comes around. 

Daire also demonstrated what a truly brave and daring character. I am a little bit of a hermit crab and of course, the best kinds of books are the ones that make you shout out “NOOO” in a public library. Daire does things that make a hermit crab reader like me shout out no. She also makes you think “oh my gosh she’s so dumb” which is funny because usually she knows exactly what she’s doing and you realize that you were the one being dumb.v


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