The Adventures of a Hunter

Tucker writes about many animals on his blog.  So far, we’ve seen pheasant, geese, and deer. He describes the animal and their patterns in different weather. When he talks about pheasant, he talks about their coloration and says, “Males are much more brightly colored than females much like any other bird species,” (). This is important to the blog because it shows respect for the animal that he is hunting. It also makes him seem like he does care about rules and guidelines, as he does his research on them. 

Tucker does “Scenarios” for each of his posts. These scenarios seem to either be realistic fiction or a recollection of his hunting experience; or even possibly a section of applied knowledge. He writes these in the 2nd person, which is rather unusual for storytelling and makes it seem as though he is trying to connect to the reader. I would say this is effective because I do not enjoy hunting or things about hunting, however, I do enjoy this. He throws in little facts about state regulations to make it educational as well as entertaining.

. . . . . . . 

Even Tucker’s research is pretty entertaining. He tends to make amusing comparisons in his writing. As I have said, I am not one for hunting because I’m a little bit of a tree hugger. But tucker does a great job of only displaying the facts and the sport of it, rather than the actual kill. In this way he is a talented writer that could engage a variety of audiences, including a tree-hugger like myself. 

His blog is for everyone. I feel like his posts interest many types of people. I feel like if I was a hunter, this would be a great way to learn more about the animals that are typically hunted for. Since I am not a hunter, I feel this is a great way to learn about some of the animals around me in the great Minnesota Wilderness, and to learn about hunting. In this way his blog is a meet and greet forum for hunters and an informative session for outsiders. I also think that It is nice that we get to see some of the state regulations that he includes in his story times. It has a lasting effect on his readers. The hunters who come there for reading about an experience also get to know more state regulations. Us newcomers and tree-huggers feel a little more comfortable knowing that he is educated and intends on following these laws so as to not harm the environment. 

Last, but most certainly not least, his titles are awesome. Tucker’s titles are great because he incorporates a bit of humor into them.  Flight Canceled is my favorite one yet. That is the one where he talks about the migration of geese. The other one I really like is the Wild West in which he is referring to the pheasant in southeast Minnesota. It really shows some of his personality! 


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