Pc And Gaming like a pro

Veasna’s blog is well set- up. He has a very interesting blog. I know a bit about computers myself, but he very obviously knows quite a bit more. The way his blog is set up is very neat and organized. It is categorized by week and post. This makes reading his blog rather easy.

Veasna brought alive age old debates. In week 2 of his posts, one of his first posts is PS vs Xbox. All gamers have heard of -and for that matter, participated in- one of these debates. These get very heated, but Veasna does a very nice job of listing the pros of both consoles. He speaks in language that people who are familiar with this topic understand. In this way, his audience is very type-specific. 

Veasna is not afraid to brag a little bit. In his blog, he tells about the build of his pc. Now gamers and computer experts all know that this is code for “dude check out how dope my computer is.” That being said, it’s always interesting to hear other people’s choices when they build their own pc. 

Veasna makes his opinion clear but not until the end. He does a fantastic job of making sure people have the chance to form their own opinions about these topics. A alot of his posts have been long going debates in the cumputer whiz/ gamer community. While his audience is really limited to these two groups, Veasna seems to make a solid effort to explain what some of the technical terms mean. He does do some reflection as he said he would in his original post, but most of his work is opinion and facts. He really does make this more interesting to read, however. There’s nothing a gamer likes more than the age old arguments that nearly split the internet in two. I also agree with most of his conclusions about which one is better. CLEARLY, someone does their research. That someone is not me. Veasna has created a platform for me, however, to throw some facts at some one in the case that I ever get into one of those arguments again (and yes. I did say again). 

Veasna’s blog really reminds me of my highschool days because this is the stuff my friends and I used to talk about. Of course, I didn’t know these things at the time so my best argument was something along the lines of “it’s just better, okay???” After reading this, however, I want to go back to those old friends of mine and spark up a debate. I feel like Veasna has equipped me with the weapons required to shoot down their arguments. Maybe one of the things I enjoyed about it was it gave me a sense of nostalgia. Either way, it is very well written with very good background knowledge to support it. Even if he hadn’t done the research I feel like he would have been able to explain to us all of these things just off the top of his head, which is a really important characteristic in a writer. 


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